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One of our advisers visits your farm to study it in detail and give you a value reflecting the reality of the market. So make an appointment without delay!

Accurately assess your farm with an agricultural specialist

When you are a farmer, it is difficult to carry out the real estate valuation of your farm yourself. Indeed, it is not your job and you generally do not have time to devote to it.

At AGRi iMMO, we fully understand this issue. It is for this reason that we offer you the evaluation of your operation, farm, rural property, etc.

Our asset? The specialisation ! Indeed, we have been working only with agricultural goods for more than 25 years. This expertise in agriculture allows us to finely assess your property. For this, one of our advisers travels to your farm to identify all the particularities.

On arrival, you are therefore certain to obtain an optimal selling price. Would you like to benefit from this free estimate for your farm? In this case, all you have to do is contact us on +336 882 19 794. We will set a date together, compatible with your schedule.

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Sell with peace of mind with AGRi iMMO
Selling a farm is always a very time-consuming process. However, you know it better than anyone, time is the most precious and limited resource when you are a farmer.

In order to help you pass this period of your life serenely, AGRi iMMO therefore offers to manage your entire transaction for you. Whether it's promoting your ad, contacting potential buyers or making visits, we take care of everything.
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