Agricultural land for sale, 102 ha - Mayenne
Agricultural land for sale, 102 ha - Mayenne
Agricultural land for sale, 102 ha - Mayenne
Agricultural land for sale, 102 ha - Mayenne
Agricultural land for sale, 102 ha - Mayenne
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Dairy farm 1M liters south Laval sector on 102ha

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Agricultural land for sale, 102 ha - Mayenne
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Description of the property

  • Plot size : 102 ha
The parcel is very grouped (70ha around the buildings) with 18ha directly accessible in pasture, 28ha at 2.5 km and 4ha at 3.5km. The land is loamy in nature, of good quality and ploughable. An expansion with 22ha is planned (end of 2023), these plots reach 70ha around the buildings and a purchase of 53ha is possible. The current rotation is about 50ha in maize (12 to 14t), 10ha in wheat (70q), 37ha in temporary grassland (RGA, clover) and 3ha in permanent grassland.
All the buildings allow the production of 1,000,000 liters of milk with a dairy cow building of 1,700m2 in a cubicle system (120 places, three rows with mattresses from 2021), two robots from 2011 with two scrapers and good ventilation ( two electrically adjustable wind curtains). The scrapers are emptied into a 1,000m3 concrete circular silo storage with possible pumping to another 1,000m3 basin (geomembrane), the supply corridor is covered. This is followed by a building for heifers, dry cows and calves all in straw air (approximately 100 places, 1,000m2), two material and fodder storage sheds of 225m2 and 675m2, four corridor silos for a total of 1,400m2, etc.
The dairy herd has a good genetic level (9500kg/LV, 102 cows, 60 heifers). The animals live in a comfortable building and produce milk with good levels (TB and TP) without cellular problems.
The fleet of equipment is not oversized, field work such as corn and grass silage, plowing, corn sowing is done by a contractor and a CUMA.
A 180m2 house (five bedrooms, a large renovated office and basement) is also for sale.
The property is valued as follows:
- 27,000 euros for agricultural land (3.9ha)
- 390,000 euros of agricultural buildings with land base (4.5ha, including the two robots)
- 169,000 euros of equipment (to be appraised before the sale)
- 237,900 euros of dairy livestock (102 VL, 60 heifers, to be appraised before the sale)
- 150,000 euros of inventory (to be appraised before the sale)
- 150,000 euros for a dwelling house
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Technical characteristics

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Additional information

Including fees of 6% to be paid by of the purchaser. Price excluding fees 1 123 900 €. This property is offered to you by a commercial agent.

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