Agricultural land for sale, 180 ha - Indre-et-Loire
Agricultural land for sale, 180 ha - Indre-et-Loire
Agricultural land for sale, 180 ha - Indre-et-Loire
Agricultural land for sale, 180 ha - Indre-et-Loire
Agricultural land for sale, 180 ha - Indre-et-Loire
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High-performance multi-livestock and cereal farm in the southern Indre et Loire sector on 180ha


Agricultural land for sale, 180 ha - Indre-et-Loire
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Description of the property

  • Plot size : 180 ha
The plot is well grouped and consists of large plots, 38ha of which are drained, with silty-clay and clay-limestone soils. The current yields are 75qx in wheat, 10 to 13t in non-irrigated maize and 85qx in dry maize with the possibility of cultivating alfalfa on 50ha.
Several farms are present:
* 80 Prim'Holstein cows and 50 replacement heifers to produce 790,000l of milk
* 110 places of heifers, meat breed type, fattening
* 3,600m2 of poultry buildings dedicated to fattening poultry (28,000 turkeys or 84,000 chickens)
The cows and heifers are grouped together in a 2300m2 building, very functional, with a central corridor and mulched areas, a 2x6 station milking parlor and a scraper, then two pits of 1000 and 440m3. Adjoining, a 150m2 nursery with air extractor as well as a tiled dairy and office, all insulated under the roof.
The fattening heifers are in a free stall with a mulched area of 1,100m2.
Poultry fattening takes place in two buildings of 1,200 m2 (dating from 1994) and two of 600 m2 (dating from 1986 and 1989).
Many other buildings in addition, all in excellent condition and served by stony or sanded roads:
- Straw shed of 1,400m2, 750m2, and 900m2
- Discovery of 1,200m2
- Silos on 1,300m2 of concrete surface
- Equipment shed on 380m2 and 570m2
- Concrete floor workshop on 320m2
- Poultry technical room on 90m2
- A 2003 weighbridge
- A solar tracker, installed in 2017, equipped with 110m2 of panels: the electricity produced is 95% self-consumed and makes it possible to cover 30% of operating needs.
- An endless borehole, equipped with a booster, a softener and filters, with anti-bacterial treatment.
- An aqua-phyto station
The entire site on 4.3ha of land is for sale, as well as the herds (meat herd to be evaluated at the time of takeover) in place (excluding poultry) and the material park, tools and equipment necessary for the operation of the operation, possibly other equipment is for sale. Also available for purchase, 21.5ha of agricultural land, with the possibility of an additional 54ha. No homes for sale but building land is available near the site, with a clear and privileged view of the plot of the farm.
The property is valued as follows:
- 96,750 euros of agricultural land (21.5ha, possibility of additional 54ha)
- 550,000 euros of agricultural buildings with land base (4.3ha)
- 136,000 euros of dairy herd
- 30,000 euros of solar tracker (110m2)
- 401,000 euros of agricultural equipment (to be appraised before the sale)
- 60,000 euros of stocks and advances to crops (to be appraised before the sale)

The strengths of the property

  • Excellent profitability
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Technical characteristics

  • Location
  • Reference

Additional information

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